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Cooked in the purest style
The EMPANADAS ARGENTINAS are one of the most appreciated appetizers in Argentine cuisine.
Argentine empanadas are known for their characteristic flavor and the great variety of fillings and forms.

Normally the empanadas argentinas are stuffed with meat, either beef or chicken generally, but also the mozzarella, onion, basil, tomato, corn, spinach, mushrooms and other condiments make these empanadas are delicious.

In El Porteño we make them homemade and baked, suffering changes of flavor according to the combination of ingredients.

The empanada criolla is the typical Argentine dish, after roasting. But how did this food arrive in Argentina?

It was the Spaniards who brought them to America and it was here that other ways of preparing it arose.

It is in all Latin America where they are consumed but it was in Argentina where they became a totally national symbol.

There is no exact date or place of the origin of the empanadas but it was a great idea to wrap delicious sweet or salty mincemeat in pastas made with different cereals.

They exist in all cultures with different names and forms and in any part of South America we find them. In Argentina, they are common in the northwestern area has its own ingredients that vary according to the geography and climate of the place.

The Salteñas are not spicy, they are small, juicy and the most distinctive in the country. They have boiled potatoes, meat cut with a knife, onion, hard-boiled egg, red pepper, ground chili pepper, cumin and red pepper, all fried in fat from the veal. They are usually cooked in the oven and fried.

All are really delicious … go to “El Porteño” and check it out.

In EL PORTEÑO we have seven kinds of empanadas … here we show you the TUCUMANA EMPANADA … with tomato onion, hard boiled egg, peppers … all a delight.

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