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Meat cuts on the charcoal grill

In “EL Porteño” we cooked the grill in the purest Argentine style.

And we keep in mind some secrets so that it comes out …

We cook with charcoal grill and according to which we use we will have a scent or another in our meat.

The meat on the grill should receive the same level of heat, and 10 centimeters will be the distance between the grill and the embers.

The heat will be the element with which we will cook the roast and not the flames of fire.
As the heat is the element with which we will cook, we will not add new charcoal once the meat is placed on our grill.

In “El Porteño” we add the meat once the reddish coals remain and the upper part of them acquires a layer of ashes.

We keep the meat at room temperature for a few hours before taking it to the grill. In this way we will achieve the right point of juiciness in all cuts.

Later we add salt once the meat is on the grill and well sealed on both sides. In the event that we have to season with another spice we will do it once the piece is cooked and ready to eat.

In the grill we take into account the thickness and the type of cut in question.

We will take into account the characteristics of each of the cuts. Not all require the same cooking time on the grill.

We use tweezers to turn our cuts on the grill. We will avoid so that the juices of the meats escape.

Finally we serve the pieces either on wooden trays or on metal grills with a heat source in the lower part.

We use coals even with temperature. It will be the diner who will decide the end point of his meat, more or less made.

Do not miss the “El Porteño” grill.

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